• Generate your own uninterrupted electricity
  • Smart, Hybrid, On / Off Grid, Automated system
  • Best quality, best efficiency
  • Easy to install, any roof or open area (pitched or flat)
  • Delivered world-wide at affordable prices
  • Internationally certified components
  • Extended Warranty on our components
  • 230V (scalable) output
A short introduction to Solar Energy Systems…


Our state-of-the-art home solar energy system consists of the best quality and most efficient components, sourced from ISO certified manufacturers and delivered to your location – worldwide!

We can tailor a system to suit your daily requirements using our smart solar energy calculator.

Our hybrid smart systems integrates with your national electricity grid and will use solar energy as much as possible, only switching to grid supply when required (automatically).

Our Off-Grid systems provides fully independent energy supply, scalable to your requirement – big or small!

Each residence or business will have their own unique requirements. Solar energy supply and demand depends on various factors such as:

  • Location
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Required / desired electricity supply
  • Number of occupants
  • And other factors

Estimate your usage by using our energy consumption calculator here (click on calculator image):

Solar Energy Calculator

Our local teams will be able to tailor a solution based on your requirements.

Things to know when considering Solar Energy:

  • Solar panels should be efficient which will reduce the number of panels required and the area coverage. 350W Solar panels are recommended
  • Hybrid Smart Inverters are capable of managing multiple panel arrays better, insist on these. Our Hybrid inverters automatically switch between grid- and solar power
  • Hybrid Inverters are grid-tied but not reliant on grid
  • Solar energy is a sustainable energy solution and our products comes with international ISO, Australian and New Zealand certifications and warranties